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Wollaston Congregational Church, Quincy, Massachusetts







Saturday, 09/22/2007
Sarah B. Drummond (sdrummond@ants.edu) from Newton, MA  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
What a great Web site! Totally helpful, answered all my questions. One of the best church Web sites I have seen. Way to go!

Sunday, 02/19/2006
keijo (keijoleppioja@hotmail.com) from södertälje,  sweden found our site by Search Engine.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."I am so happy when my life are save and heavenly power with peace will fellow me again today and I am welcome to his presence always.help my heavy heart and pray for new revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

Monday, 01/02/2006
Brian Jones (moviechurch2003@yahoo.com) from Collegeville, PA  United States found our site by Search Engine.
Hi Guys. I was cruising the web and stumbled onto your site and wanted to say hello. Hope all is well with you. Would love to hear from you! Brian Jones. http://www.brianjones.com. Author of Second Guessing God: Hanging on When You Can’t See His Plan (March 2006).

Saturday, 11/26/2005
C.Gallileo (cgallileo@gmail.com) from Minnetonka, MN  United States found our site by Search Engine.
Love your site. Looks like there is a very vibrant congregation at your church. Keep up the good work!!

Monday, 08/22/2005
francy (achristian4faith@aol.com) from brockton, MA  United States found our site by Other.
I was surfing and I found your page. I liked it. I want to share with you my web page, I invite you to read it.hope you don't get upset because I'm posting my link. K? Love in Christ. God bless you very much.

Friday, 05/27/2005
Stephen Nye (nye@jjirah.com) from Bainbridge Island, WA  United States found our site by Search Engine.
I am the son of Rev. Roland Nye. I read a note from Ruth Blandford, who babysat for me and my 2 brothers! That was wonderful to see! I hope to visit Wollaston Congregation Church this year. Blessings Steve Nye

Saturday, 02/26/2005
Lauri Hanrahan (Lauri.Hanrahan@verizon.net) from Quincy, MA  United States.
My son, Nathan, attended the Healthy Kids Vacation Camp over the recent February school break. He had a terrific time. I asked him for his comments and he said "I wish they had it for more days!". His favorite part was "everything". And more specifically it was the "puppet show, the creepy crawly lady with the giant snake and the smoothies (from healthy snacks)". The program was well planned and organized. Thank you!

Wednesday, 01/19/2005
Ruth Blandford Brayton (ruthbee00@yahoo.com) from Berkeley, CA  United States found our site by Search Engine.
I grew up in your Church from 1945-1956. I looked you up to see if I could see a picture of the stain glass window that was so much a part of my childhood. I babysat for Rev. Roland Nye's 3 little boys. Even found an old neighbor on your guest list. Exciting to see my childhood home again! Ruth Blandford Brayton

Thursday, 12/30/2017
Michelle Carlin (ArcangelM@comcast.net) from Quincy, MA  United States found our site by Church Bulletin.
I took your church bulletin while my daughter and I were there for the outstanding puppet show you hosted. Great web site. We are actively looking for a church and plan to attend several in the near future. You are at the top of the list.

Wednesday, 12/01/2017
Rodger Tutt (rodgertutt@sympatico.ca) from Toronto,  Canada found our site by Search Engine.
http://www.angelfire.com/on4/hope A website for those who suffer unbearable emotional distress over the idea that God lets anyone suffer forever. It contains my testimony, my son’s tribute, many links, many writings, several forums, a guest book, a chart, and a web ring.

Wednesday, 11/24/2017
Gabi Guedes (Gabi_guedes44@hotmail.com) from Mannheim,  Germany found our site by Other.
Ohh how nice it is to see some of the faces that I have missed. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. Gabi

Sunday, 08/22/2017
George G Nelson ( nickname Bud) (b.nelson33@knology.net) from Largo, FL  United States found our site by Search Engine.
I went to the Wollaston Congregational Church at the age of 5 - 11 1943 - 1949. I was also Baptized there. I'll always remember sunday school and especially Easter Sunday. We would memorize a verse to say during church services.

Thursday, 02/12/2017
Jean MacKenzie (jeanmmac@hotmail.com) from Ellsworth, ME  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
My cousin, Karen Skoglund, told me about your Church and about all of the interesting things that are happening there. I've always felt that the Congregational Church has a strong outreach into the community and opens its doors to everyone. I was baptised, married and had my own children baptised in Pilgrim Congregational Church in Dorchester, and have nothing but the highest regard for the Congregationalists.

Friday, 01/30/2017
Scott Cleveland (s.cleveland2@verizon.net) from Framingham, MA  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
My sister Ellie suggested I take a look at your website. I grew up in the Wollaston church and have many nice memories. My wife and I are now members of Edwards Church in Framingham. Here is our website. http://www.edwardschurch.org/ Regards, Scott Cleveland

Wednesday, 01/28/2017
Marian (mchannon@ficmgt.com) from Newton, MA  United States found our site by other.
Found website using google search -- at the top of the list!! Good job on your website.

Tuesday, 01/20/2017
Deborah Barrett (bharobed@yahoo.com) from Quincy, MA  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
Updated website looks great; nice work. I particularly like the seasonal snowy images of the church.

Wednesday, 12/03/2003
Ken Kavaljian (kkavaljian@hotmail.com) from Abington, MA  United States found our site by Other.
40+ years ago I went to sunday school at the Wolly Cong Church. Rev. Leland was the pastor at that time. In 1966 moved to Braintree and attended 1st Baptist Chuch of Braintree. Was married there & lived in Weymouth for a number of yrs & moved to Abington. I have been attending 1st Calvery Church of Hanson. They read from the King James Version & that's what I believe in. The Revised Standard Edition takes away the special feeling & meaning that the King James has in it. For old times sake I would like to visit the Wolly Cong & take in a good sermon. Maybe it's time to go retrace my roots at the Wolly Cong. I certainly hope you have more than the 5 people that were at the last sermon I was at when I visited. I don't know why people think that church has to be a boring hour. I have found that a minister can make church a very interesting place to attend. It's all up to the minister. I found that out at the Calvery Baptist Church. Another thing I look for in a church is friendly people. At the Calvery Baptist, we actually took a minute to shake hands with someone near you & say hi, & welcome new comers. Some churches I've visited I have found the people there a little "pushy", trying to have the new comers get involved with this or that when I just wanted to attend the service. I know the parking on the street is difficult (or used to be), but I'm going to give it a try this Sunday @ 10 am.

Friday, 11/14/2003
Suzie Linnea Gifford (sgifford@peabodyconstruction.com) from Braintree, MA  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
Hi Mom!

Monday, 09/29/2003
Barton Adcox (adcox869@peoplepc.com) from mckenzie, TN  United States found our site by Search Engine.
Remember my MOM, Hortense Adcox in your PRAYERS!!! She has breast cancer going too have surgery on Oct. 22, 2003. Having her left breast removed & limodes. Keep her on your prayer list. GOD Bless !!!! Barton Adcox my email address: adcox869@peoplepc.com

Wednesday, 08/20/2003
John & Barbara Good (poshpawsgood@aol.com) from Quincy, MA  United States found our site by Other.
Our first day of worship with you(August20th). What a warm,wonderful welcome you gave us. Will see you next Tuesday and Wednesday. This all made possible by a friendly hello. Take care,Barbara & John

Wednesday, 08/13/2003
Deborah (bharobed@yahoo.com) from Quincy, MA  United States found our site by Search Engine.
Is there a prize for being first? Site looks great. What about making a category for directions . . . maybe under information.

Tuesday, 08/12/2003
Ardys Peterson (apeter@comcast.net) from Wollaston, MA  United States found our site by Word of Mouth.
I found your website very interesting and well informed. I am planning to attend the church mouse luncheon today 8/12 and Karen Flood had given me your web site to look up the date and subject. I decided to look the whole site over and it is good. Hope to worship with you one day. Good luck in your new ministry.

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